Vespero - By the Waters of Tomorrow. 2010 Russia

Vespero continues on with their third album, titled By the Waters of Tomorrow. The band has shed most of their Southern Russian influences for a more straightforward Western European styled instrumental psychedelic rock sound (with 'Gao Zult' being the sole exception). Post rock and Krautrock seem to be the dominating genres here, with echo fuzz guitar, synthesizers, and a driving drum beat. The music on By the Waters of Tomorrow can be described as being relentless. This is a similar direction that Finnish bands Hidria Spacefolk and Taipuva Luotisuora took later in their career as well. Personally, I miss the localized exotic sound, but for what Vespero is trying to achieve here - they've done a more than admirable job. 'Amaryllis' and 'Seagulls Sing (When It Rains)' are the highlights here.

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CD: 2010 RAIG

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