Papir - III. 2013 Denmark

Papir's third album is like a bridge between Ash Ra Tempel's Join Inn and New Age of Earth. From the latter, the guitar playing perfectly emulates Manuel Gottsching's shimmering, yet tropically sunny, spatial sound. From the former, the band as a whole gets down to no-nonsense cosmic psychedelic jamming. Papir are a guitar trio with keyboard accompaniment, and no doubt are influenced by the original early 70s Krautrock movement. Even the motorik sounds of Can are apparent here. Certainly more an accurate portrayal of Papir than the "West Coast" jam band motif of The Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Music Service. I also appreciate the high melodic quotient applied here, something many jam bands today completely miss out on. I only wish Papir had been around 25 years ago, when bands such as this were non-existent, and most assuredly would have been a favorite of mine back then. Today, they get lost in the shuffle.

Personal Collection
LP: 2013 El Paraiso

Side 2 has the times reversed. It is, in fact, the last track that is over 15 minutes long.

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