Om - s/t. 1976 Argentina

Om's sole album is a fantastic recent discovery. Recorded in 1975 and released only on cassette a year later, this album had remained completely obscure until recently excavated and pressed on CD by Fonocal. The music is driven by a hyper active rhythm section and constantly shifting guitar chord sequences, followed by some wicked soloing. Even better is when the Mini-Moog enters stage right, lays down a big fat solo, and the whole thing ends up sounding like El Reloj playing ELP's 'Lucky Man'. There's a combination no one thought of before! Overall I'm reminded of another obscure 70s band from Argentina called El Trio. A highly progressive work throughout, and moves quickly into the top tier of Argentine prog rock albums.

Personal Collection
CD: 2016 Fonocal

The CD seems sourced from cassette, so it does have its sonic challenges. In addition to the album proper, there is a 18 minute live bonus piece, which is also excellent, though the sound is bootleg standard.

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