Jumbo - s/t.1972 Italy

Hard to imagine two albums more different than Jumbo's debut and Vietato Ai Minori Di 18 Anni?, all only in the span of two years. This is blues rock - harmonica (mainly the first track) and all the trappings. Though there is plenty of great guitar (heavy at times) and organ leads as well. And hand drums and flute go a long way to making this a pleasurable experience. Listening closely, what’s on display here is the basis for any Jumbo track. Consider that the varied instrumentation and wild experimentation going on by the time of Vietato Ai Minori Di 18 Anni? are so much more elaborate, it’s hard to imagine that after a complete strip search, they are in reality simple blues numbers in disguise. And then there’s Alvaro Fella himself, maybe the greatest of all Italian singers in terms of raw expression. Oh sure, Leone wins the drama queen award and Giacomo gives Pavarotti a run… but Fella resonates with what’s on the street... man. He’s the ghetto brother of Milan! I can probably only recommend to those that worship at the Jumbo altar, otherwise you’re gonna get strange looks. Me? I like it.

Personal collection
CD: 2004 Philips (Japan)

Original LPs are super rare - way more so than their other 2, which are hardly common.

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