Electric Orange - Morbus. 2007 Germany

So here I sit with Morbus, an album that immediately brought to mind the earlier Platte, except it’s even more heavy, intense, and relentless. And I don’t mean that in the I-can’t-take-it-anymore-noise-fests of Acid Mothers Temple, but rather this is far more measured, where they capture a groove and expand upon it, rather than destroy it to the last note. When the group started, they were more or less an extension of Dirk Jan Muller’s one man show. Now it’s a fully fledged 5 piece group, armed with the latest in technology and a pile of vintage gear (especially in the keyboard department). I like the addition of the German narration, the wordless female vocals, and even the occasional lyrical song in English. Electric Orange are getting better as each year passes.

Personal Collection
CD: 2007 Sulatron (Austria)

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